How To Be A Great Neighbor: Tips That Might Just Get You Invited To Every BBQ!
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How To Be A Great Neighbor: Tips That Might Just Get You Invited To Every BBQ!
November 3, 2023

We all have our dreams: owning a flying car, finding a pet unicorn, or maybe just getting through Monday without a coffee spill. But have you ever dreamed of being the star of your neighborhood? The kind of neighbor who’s talked about in whispers at the mailboxes: "Have you met [Your Name]? Truly legendary." Here's your guide on becoming that unforgettable neighbor. Put on your superhero cape; it's go time!

1. Master the Nod

That subtle upward chin thrust when you make eye contact across the street? It's an art form. Too much enthusiasm, and you might look like you've had too much caffeine. Too little, and you’re the mysterious hermit. Find your balance.

2. Lawn Olympics

Got a particularly fast-growing lawn? Turn your mowing routine into a bi-weekly event. Don some flashy athletic gear, play your favorite tunes, and go for gold! Your neighbors will either be amused or inspired. Win-win.

3. Share... But Not Everything

Baked some extra cookies? Share them! Found a great deal on garden gnomes and now have 37 of them? Maybe keep that to yourself.

4. Beware of Overenthusiasm

It's great that you’ve picked up the tuba during your free time. It's not so great for your neighbor trying to binge-watch their favorite show. Remember: midnight tuba solos are a hard no.

5. Make Your WiFi Name Fun

"PrettyFlyForAWiFi" or "Wu-Tang Wireless Clan" can bring a chuckle to a neighbor searching for connections. Just remember to keep it PG!

6. Form the Welcome Wagon 2.0

New neighbor moving in? Welcome them with a basket... of oddities. Think quirky, like a left-handed screwdriver, a map of local UFO sightings, or a can of unicorn food. Toss in some actual local goodies, and you’ve got yourself a memorable introduction.

7. Pet Parades Are Always A Good Idea

Dress up your pet in funky outfits and take them on walks. From cats in bow ties to turtles sporting the latest in shell accessories, it's a guaranteed smile generator.

8. Remember the Big Three: Sugar, Eggs, Kindness

These are the essentials every neighbor occasionally runs out of. Be the one they can always borrow from. However, if they're borrowing kindness, maybe it's time for a neighborhood meeting.

In Conclusion

Being a great neighbor doesn’t mean you have to be normal – in fact, a little quirkiness can brighten everyone's day. Embrace the weird, share the love, and remember, every BBQ invitation is a testament to your legendary status.

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